performance by Zoë Redman

Zoë Redman Mark Lockett Stanley Adler Les Rendez-vous de L.A.M.E. iphone 7 phone cases leather brown liens entre arts visuels Musique Ecriture au Portail à Roulettes 66600 Salses le Château 19 – 28 september 2008 108 Portes intérieures The english artist Zoë Redman, who was active in London during the 80’s with video, installation and performance escaped to France in 1990 where she devotes herself to painting. marble black iphone 6 case For this Rendez-vous in Salses le château on the 19th of september, she surprised us with her first experiment in using video and painting together in a performance. cool iphone 6 case black You could see her painting in a video projected on the floor, on which she put 2 canvases to recreate the activity at the same time as the video was playing. mirror case iphone 6 The filmed images mixed with the instant reality of painting, pigments on pixels, her virtual hand movements and her live work, creating fascinating images of a inner and outer world put into an image mixer. swarovski phone case iphone 7 plus At the same time Mark Lockett and Stanley Adler were improvising on piano and violin to create a harmonious compilation of expressive art.

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  1. “the noise of smelly feet”

    I see him now Picasso stands on the other side of a sheet of glass and paints for the camera and Rolf Harris….. and? YOU.

    Why should I care what others do, who knows what makes music?

    There is no agony or even truth about my business I wish to reveal in performance or else paradoxically I want to be as if always seen…

    Only I know where i’ve been and where i’m not now.. That means decisions about where one goes how one uses petrol.

    In Frances big spaces its that simple.

    so not poking about in public in some cellar somewhere with THAT TRIBE being soaked for too long in someone elses mediations.

    the great liberty versus the tyranny you can look at a painting any way you like for as long as you like – performance your stuck there on some shitty hard chair…

    somewhere along the line I stopped doing ludic. I stopped devising creativity programs for “kids” for “mental patients”… these public monies always seemed to be actually about pacifying vociferous practitioners people more human than artist
    who hung like barnacles off tradeable currencies
    whose mouths sucked and blew their names

    this is normal this is human life in bands – anthropology

    but you don’t have to do it – you can skulk like I do under a rock and wait for a chinese tourist to come by and show interest….

    the outside is not the inside

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