Matt Hilton, Dissembling-Dis-assembling

From the series: Portraits about artist living in the “unplugged” part of the Languedoc-Roussillon. “I was lifted to this area on the wings of love and, landing with a bump, crawled to the nearest shelter to build my making-shell. iphone 6 cases arsenal I like it neither more nor less than Norfolk where I was before – except, crucially, for the greater number of blue sky days. Crucially also I enjoy being a foreigner.” I’ve got a lot of “things” at the moment because I’ve had a suitcase existence before that so it’s contrast. moving glitter iphone 7 plus case The complex interplay of memory and gravity that “things” represent and the way they test our emotions, question our sentimentality I find, at this stage, useful. And inventing temporary domestic installations, improvisational like the caravan really is moving on. Why does this matter? Well to me as a printmaker I always have to keep my hand in with the surfaces of objects. cute iphone 7 phone cases for girls Matt Hilton en français J’ai beaucoup de « choses » à l’heure actuelle parce que j’ai eu une existence de valise et c’est tellement contrastée par rapport à avant. L’effet complexe de la mémoire et de la pesanteur que les « choses » représentent et la manière dont elles testent nos émotions, remettent en cause notre sentimentalité, sont, à ce stade, utiles. iphone 8 stand case Et l’invention des installations domestiques provisoires, est improvisées comme la caravane passe, vraiment. Pourquoi m’en occupé-je ? Et bien, moi, en tant que printmaker je dois toujours garder ma main dedans avec les surfaces des objets.

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